[RECEIVE] More Itemsss (RARE!!!) and announcement

Hey Guys, Otoya here again with bringing you my new items from Play-Asia and Amiami

  • .hack//Quantum Vol 2

  • Medal Holder DX
  • DX Medal Set 03

For the item from AmiAmi, is actually race again time. LOL!!! That day, I was camping at that website until 5pm Malaysia time. Suddenly this 2 item was posted again but with Sold Out sign. I thought it sux man but lucky they havent activate yet. So, I manage to get those 2!!

Sorry for the delay for the review. I will do it as soon as possible. University driving me crazy.

Ok guys...... I need some suggestion for review...... Should I do the review straight into detail? Or Should I do like CStoys International with a Live Show? Please give comments. I will do it :D


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