[NEWS] Friend's sale

Hi Guys, Otoya here again with bringing a sale by my good friend, GIDEON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He is currently selling some T-Shirts online with his own design, feel free to take a look the video for his info and below is the video.

Website Link :

If you really like the T-Shirts design, please support it.
Sadly that the T-Shirt do not ship to USA since is a company from Singapore.
If you live in USA and really want the T-Shirt, feel free to contact me or Gideon for help.
We will help you order it :D

Otoya signing out :D

[BOUGHT] Itemsssss got from Local Shop and My Day~~~~~~~~

MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start of with the MOST PISSED THING HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MEDAL SET 03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING I GET ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Anyway, my day was fine after I went out with my friends and get my pre-order item from local store  Below is the item I got today.

[NEWS] Medal Set EX!!!!!!!!

Hi basically you already know that medal set EX is ready to pre-order in HLJ and CDJapan but were sold out.......

Up until now, we have no picture how will it look like and what the hell is Medal SET EX? Basically, I found some images through auction and here it is!!!!

3 Core Medal use in the Movie Taisen Core, i forgot the name, Kani? Sasori? Ebi? I think so, it also come with Memory Gaia Memory. :D The retail price is caused 2200yen(not yet include japan tax). The item will be release on late May.

So hope every medal fan(macam saya) will get the medal in good price instead of getting killed by stupid auction. LOL!~~~

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[REVIEW] DX Gokai-oh

My Kaizoku Gattai GOKAIOH!!!!!!!!

Yeah, basically I receive this item from AmiAmi, very satisfied for the item actually, when it open, I saw the 5 Gokai machine, manual and a Dice-Oh Card!!!!!!

[RECEIVE] Double Haul from Amiami and Play Asia

YEAH!!!! Some Kick ASS item final arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DX Gokai-oh
  • D-Arts Omegamon
  • SHF ShinkenRed

  • All Star DX Precure 2(Blu-Ray)

[BD REVIEW] Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

My Kamen Rider W Movie Blu-Ray

Hi Guys, Otoya here, bringing you a review for the movie Kamen Rider W Movie A-Z The Gaia Memories of fate.

The Movie itself is really good actually, but no matter how good the movie is, there are still some error inside but who cares.

For the movie, I rated 4.6/5 for it.

For more info,

[RECEIVE] Play-Asia item~~~~~~~

Finally, receive Part 1 of my Play-Asia package, proudly present to you this 3 item.
  • .hack//Quantum : Walking Party (Blu-Ray)
  • The House of The Dead 2 & 3 RETURN (WII)
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS2)

Many Things are coming in 1 time~~~~(Havent Receive)

WOW!!!! Surprisingly!!!!!!!!! So many haul coming. Paying like Shit for today~~~~~~~

These are the haul coming soon. Hope can get it next week. Some item are belong to my good friend Mr.Gideon :D


  • Gokai-Oh
  • 2 X D-Arts Omegamon
  • ShinkenRed With Kuroku

  • Lost Driver
  • Nanoha MousePad :D

  • .hack//Quantum BD Part 1
  • House of The Dead 2 and 3 Return(WII)
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  • Precure All Star DX 2 BD

  • 2 X SHF OOO Tatoba

Local Shop

So MANY~~~~~~~~ I will try to do as much review as I can. Anyway, thanks for looking, advertise my blog if can.

Otoya signing out.

Welcome to my New Blog


I dont really know how to write a blog actually but from this new blog, I will be doing review for my latest haul start from this date.

The review will be in written form, if there is a video, I will post it here.

The type of review I will do for is:
1)Blu-Ray movie(Giving my view of the movie)
2)Games(Give review of the game)
3)Toys(Giving recommendation for the toys)

Those review I give will be based on my point of view, if you don't like it please don't read it.

If you like it, please tell everyone.

So, どぞうよろしくお願いします。(Thank you)