[REVIEW] DX Gokai-oh

My Kaizoku Gattai GOKAIOH!!!!!!!!

Yeah, basically I receive this item from AmiAmi, very satisfied for the item actually, when it open, I saw the 5 Gokai machine, manual and a Dice-Oh Card!!!!!!

BEHOLD!!!! My Gokai-red Dice-oh card!!!!!

YAY!!!! My first Gokaiger card :D

Okay, enough of the card, well........ The design for the Gokai Galleon is great but for the others....... I cant really give good comment for it. You can take a look of the picture below for group picture and individual picture.

 All 5 Gokai Machine

 Gokai Galleon

 Gokai Jet

 Gokai Racer

 Gokai Marine

Gokai Trailer

So, when you combine all of them together, you basically form Gokai-oh, there are 2 forms, one is twin sword mode, another is the cannon mode.

I really cant give much comment for the whole thing, if you said for the gokai mobiles, they look sux!!!!
BUT!!!! After combine it, it really give a good view. It is still kinda plain without the MagiDragon, Pat Striker and others more armament.
Is your choice to get this item anyway, I got it from Amiami that cost 4200yen++ :D GREAT DEAL!!!!!!

Otoya signing out.


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