[RECEIVE] Play-Asia item~~~~~~~

Finally, receive Part 1 of my Play-Asia package, proudly present to you this 3 item.
  • .hack//Quantum : Walking Party (Blu-Ray)
  • The House of The Dead 2 & 3 RETURN (WII)
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS2)
After getting the item, i straight watch the .hack OVA, seriously is nice!!!!!! Is a must for .hack fan. Like I said, this is based on my side of view.

For those game, I really dont know how can I make a review out of it. Maybe you can write on the comment and tell me how you want me to review those games or you can post on facebook too.

The reason I bought Kingdom Hearts is for collection since I got the Japanese Version of it, I really want the english version since Kingdom Hearts is over EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me your thought of how I should review the games.



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