[BD REVIEW] Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

My Kamen Rider W Movie Blu-Ray

Hi Guys, Otoya here, bringing you a review for the movie Kamen Rider W Movie A-Z The Gaia Memories of fate.

The Movie itself is really good actually, but no matter how good the movie is, there are still some error inside but who cares.

For the movie, I rated 4.6/5 for it.

For more info,
The movie begin in a helicopter scene, Tabata(an agent from Foundation X)  receive a case of T2 gaia memory  from Kazu. Suddenly, Katsumi Daido, leader of the terrorist group name, NEVER. Katsumi took one of the T2 Gaia Memory, E for Eternal and transform into Kamen Rider Eternal. Tabata has no choice but activated a bomb and the helicopter explode and the others 25 gaia memory drop from to sky and enter the city Fuuto.

Things happen until Violence and IceAge Dopant appear. A lady named Marai appear and start shooting the dopant's ass until Shotaro appear and TRANSFORM into Kamen Rider W. With the new maximum drive by Luna Joker, they defeat the dopant and only find out that their human form was Santa and Watcher.

Maria told them about NEVER and the T2 gaia memory. Shotaro started to collect those memory with the help of Queen and Elizabeth. They manage to retrieve 3 T2 until Queen shows that she want to use the T2 Queen Memory. Shotaro manage to stop it and the memory start flying and a lady appear and grab a hold of the memory. As you see the picture below. She TRANSFORM into heat dopant and the battle start.

Until the middle of the battle, a GAY appear holding Luna memory and TRANSFORM into Luna dopant. He summons some Masquerade dopant to assist Heat Dopant, the battle end in very nice move.

After the chase, a muscular man appear and use the Metal memory and damage W like crazy until Cyclone Dopant save W.

Many things happen until they met Katsumi Daido and they have a battle as Fang Joker.

In the middle of battle, Terui wanted to help but he was interfere by another of Member of NEVER that use the Trigger memory!!!

Yeah, we're familiar of him. And his of course none other than the shiny Bouken Silver in Go Go Sentai Boukenger! :D
He kicks Terui's ass like shit. On Eternal side, Fang Joker lost and they try to use Cyclone Joker Extreme to fight but they are powerless against the might Eternal power. Katsumi activated Eternal's maximum drive and deactivated all the gaia memory before T2 series eternally. COOL!!! I like how Katsumi said that.

After deactivating the gaia memories of W and Accel, Katsumi found out that Akiko holds the rest of the Gaia memory and Trigger Dopant attack Akiko until Maria came out and save Akiko~~~~~
When everyone found out Maria was actually a dopant, Phillip was shocked.
Lots of things had happened, and it reach to where Phillip founds out that Maria is actually Katsumi's Mother.
Right after the incident, Kamen Rider Skull mysteriously shows himself in Shotaro's office and left him a Lost Driver, this is the first part that make no sense in the movie(due to the fact that we see him dead in Begin's Night).

After that, Heat Dopant attack Shotaro in the office. Shotaro can't attack her due to no power until he found a T2 Joker memory and he transform in to Kamen Rider Joker with the help of Lost driver and T2 Joker.

The battle ends very quickly with his Joker Kick, erm.... I mean Rider Kick.........

Many things happen, Shotaro and Terui decided to find Katsumi and stop him once and for all. Yeah, Shotaro go and look for Katsumi while Terui stopped Luna Dopant and Trigger Dopant by himself to avoid them to distract Shotaro.

In the 2nd floor of the building, he meed MACHO man~~~~~~ The battle starts, the scene that I find really ridiculous, those building are so easily breakable(means, totally fragile). The battle ends quickly too with Joker punch, AKA Rider Punch with an obvious Kamen Rider Black reference in it.

After the Metal dopants blows up and got defeated, Shotaro finally confront Katsumi. With the help of the Unicorn memory, Katsumi delivers a Unicorn Maximum Drive attack and defeated Shotaro. After that instant, Katsumi uses Zone's Maximum Drive to gather all the remaining 25 T2 gaia memory to activate X Bicker.

Before the final launch, Phillip manage to hack into Eternal memory to disable the memory lock. While Phillip is still suffering from the zap of the X bicker, Maria cant stand it anymore and decided to inject a serum into Katsumi's body, that what they call Cell destroyer serum or whatever you want to call it :P

The enrage Katsumi was so pissed and he took out his gun and shoot Maria(her mother!!!! WTF?!)

This is the 2nd thing that doesn't really make sense, there's NO BLOOD?! CORRECT!!! There are no blood at all!!!! After Phillip saw this, he rages over Maria's death and the whole X-Bicker was destroy by his rage. While the injured Katsumi took Zone and Eternal Memory out of the building.

After that, everyone's memories were reactivate again. Terui start to transform into Kamen Rider Accel but still no match until he transforms into Trial Form and finishes Trigger Dopant off with a maximum drive.

Shotaro and Phillip transform into Double while Katsumi henshin into Eternal. The battle begin until Luna Dopant appear to stop Double while Katsumi go to where X-bicker is.

While Luna Dopant gonna attack Double, suddenly a red medal start rolling from no where and a guy appear. He took out another 2 medal, one green and one yellow and start to transform into Kamen Rider OOO. Look at the picture below and see he Epic Fail Henshin. Thanks to Gideon for pointing out.

Yeah, with triple scanning charge, Luna Dopant was defeated.

The final battle begin with Double using all type of form to attack Double. After that, they use Cyclone Joker Extreme, Eternal use his final trump card~~~~ 26 maximum drive~~~~~~

Double was no match of it until they use their secret power by Fuuto's wind.... WTH?! Make no sense again. LOL.

From Cyclone Joker Extreme into Cyclone Joker Gold Extreme with the ability of FLY~~~~~~~ They use a kick to finish of the whole battle.

The battle ends.........................

And so did the movie comes to an end...................................

Well, that's all, you can see that I cover most of the battle part.

If you have any idea on how I can improve my movie review, please comment it here or on Facebook. Your comment will be 100% read!!!!

Once again, thanks for reading.

Otoya Signing out.

******Special Thanks to Gideon for helping me to snapshot those cutscenes. :D Thumbs up for him.
******I did not watch the sub version, so the name and those description is base on my knowledge towards Japanese language.


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