[NEWS] Medal Set EX!!!!!!!!

Hi basically you already know that medal set EX is ready to pre-order in HLJ and CDJapan but were sold out.......

Up until now, we have no picture how will it look like and what the hell is Medal SET EX? Basically, I found some images through auction and here it is!!!!

3 Core Medal use in the Movie Taisen Core, i forgot the name, Kani? Sasori? Ebi? I think so, it also come with Memory Gaia Memory. :D The retail price is caused 2200yen(not yet include japan tax). The item will be release on late May.

So hope every medal fan(macam saya) will get the medal in good price instead of getting killed by stupid auction. LOL!~~~

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gideon said...

Waiseh.... English blog got MACAM SAYA! XD

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